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NATA Accredited Test Reports

AS1428.1 Grab Rails & Wall Mounted Shower Seats Explained

Certificates and test reports for our AS1428.1 approved range are available on request.

Our products ‘look different’ to conventional grab rails and we have been careful to ensure they comply with the relevant Australian standards. We have created this page to help explain the AS1428.1 requirements and to reduce confusion.

The full range of Avail Calibre Mod (not Ergo 25mm) and Glance products are approved for use as Grab Rails in public buildings requiring AS1428.1 wheelchair and ambulant accessible bathrooms. They have been independently tested to over 1100N (110kg) in all directions by a NATA accredited SAI Global certified test lab in Australia. The dimensions and layouts shown in our install guide for DDA bathrooms reflect the requirements in AS1428.1 and have been independently assessed.

Australian Standard AS1428.1-2021 is required only for public buildings. For private residences/independent living, the users individual requirements must be considered. We recommend an occupational therapist come and assess your home to find the best solution for your needs.

AS1428.1 ‘Design for access and mobility’ was created to allow people with disability to travel more and live a more independent life outside their home. There are specific requirements for public bathrooms regarding the design and location of grabrails and shower seats.

This page includes information regarding the sections of AS1428.1 relevant to Avail products.

AS1428.1 Section 17 Grabrails


Grab rails are required in DDA bathrooms, there are specific requirements for both Ambulant and Wheelchair accessible toilets and for wheelchair accessible showers. AS1428.1 grab rails for toilets and showers have specific length requirements and include both horizontal and angled or vertical components, see our install guide for more info. The wall brackets are not defined by the standard.

Grabrails vs Handrails:

  • Grabrail – A rail used to give a steadying or stabilizing assistance to a person engaged in a particular function
  • Handrail – A rail used in circulation areas such as corridors, passageways, ramps and stairways to assist in continuous movement

Avail rails are approved for use as grab rails, some of our 32mm diameter rails are also suitable as handrails, please contact us for more info.

Our Calibre Ergo 25mm diameter rails are more ergonomic for children, small hands and for use as heavy duty towel rails. this is outside the standard (min 30mm diameter) but can still be used in public bathrooms where AS1428.1 is not required e.g. towel rails, toilet roll holders. They provide a more slimline look with the same strength.

AS1428.1 Grab Rail Requirements Public Bathrooms
Avail Ambulant Angled 45 90 Toilet Grab Rail

AS1428.1 – 17 Grab Rails Clarification

Clause 17(e) clarification: Some customers have asked for clarification on this one because our rails ‘look different’ having a mounting bracket at the change in direction. Unlike handrails (section 12), grabrails may consist of multiple sections at each change in direction.

Clause 17(e) only states that the passage of the hand must be uninterrupted along horizontal, vertical and angled sections. This allows for a mounting bracket at the junction between horizontal and vertical or angled rails e.g. for T Bar shower rails and Calibre Ambulant rails. AS1428.1 does not state that the passage of the hand must be uninterrupted along the entire length of the grabrail, this is only required for handrails. For handrail requirements see section ‘12 Handrails’ of the standard. Wall mounting brackets are not specified in the standard, this is where creativity can be applied. Please contact us for full test report.

Avail DDA Toilet AS1428 Grab Rail Dimension Setup With Backrest

AS1428.1 Section 15.5.9 Folding Shower Seat

Avail wall mounted fold up shower seats have been tested and approved to the AS1428.1 standard for DDA wheelchair accessible showers.

Shower Seats

These are seats that are attached to the shower wall. They can be folded when not needed.

Only dimensions for DDA wheelchair accessible showers are specified in the AS1428.1 standard for shower seats. These seats require a minimum width of 960mm to allow the user to slide along from the dry area into the wet area.

Requirements for AS1428.1 – 15.5.9 Folding Shower Seat:

Self draining, slip resistant, edges rounded minimum 2mm, front corners rounded 10-15mm, fold upwards and when folded grab rail must be accessible, be able to withstand 1100N (approx. 110kg) in any direction at any position.

Avail wall mounted fold up seats do not have drain channels, instead they are slightly tilted back so the water runs off the back. They have been tested to withstand 150kg in all directions to exceed the standard. The seat without the fold down leg must be installed into a wall supported by timber studs with additional horizontal noggins or concrete/brick. Avail seats with the fold down leg can be installed into a single vertical timber wall stud allowing for retrofits into existing bathrooms.

Avail DDA AS1428.1 Shower TBar 960 Seat Dimensions Layout

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This information has been referenced from the AS1428.1 and our NATA approved, SAI Global certified AS1428.1 test facility managers.

Please contact us for more information including test reports and certificates. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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