Avail Designs Facts and Questions

Four things to consider before buying a grab rail:

1. Rail Type

Avail have a wide range of lengths from Small 300 to XLarge 1200, Horizontal, Vertical, Angled or Combo. Our Calibre range is also available in 25mm or 32mm diameter rails to suit all different needs.

We recommend checking out our ‘products guide’ under the ‘collections’ tab. Also for a more personalised assessment an Occupational Therapist can come to your home and provide recommendations based on your bathroom and strengths, appointments can be arranged through your doctor or allied health clinic.

2. Style & Appearance

Whether you have a modern or classic style home we have styles and finishes to suit with our Calibre and Glance rails. Whether you are looking for a simple and timeless Polished Stainless Chrome grab rail, stylish Matte Black finish, Brushed Brass or even the bling of Polished Gold we have many finishes opitons available with more in development including Living Brass. We can also provide samples to ensure they match to your tapware.

3. AS1428.1 Compliance – Do you need it?

Only public bathrooms that require Ambulant and Wheelchair access require compliance to AS1428.1. Private homes and all other bathrooms have freedom to use different styles and shapes to suit the bathroom style and design, for more info see out ‘AS1428.1 explained‘ page.

4. When to Install Rails

The best time to install is during a renovation when the builder can add noggins into the wall to strengthen where the rails are being installed. If you are retrofitting into an existing bathroom then then it is best to get longer rails that can be cut down if needed to suit your existing wall studs. Being proactive to prevent injury is the easiest, stress free option to avoid having to install urgently after a fall.


Avail Product Questions and Answers:

What is the weight rating?

A minimum of 110kg is required to meet the Australian standard AS1428.1 for Grab Rails and Shower Seats. Our rails and seats have been independently tested and are rated to 150kg when installed into wall studs at both ends.

In the Calibre Range what is the difference between Ergo 25mm + Mod 32mm diameter.

Calibre Mod 32mm diameter rails are required for AS1428.1 Accessible Bathrooms. Calibre Ergo 25mm diameter rails are suitable private homes and for use as heavy duty towel rails and are better suited for smaller hands. Both rails have the same 150kg weight capacity.

Are your Grab Rails and Shower Seats AS1428.1 Approved?

Yes our Calibre Mod 32 and Glance range are all approved for use in bathrooms requiring AS1428.1 compliance. We can provide more information including certificates on request, you can also visit ‘AS1428.1 explained‘ for more information.

Are Avail Grab Rails Australian made?

Our Calibre range of grab rails are Australian designed and Australian made. This allows us to quickly customize our products to suit your requests.

Do Avail Grab Rails need fixing at each end to wall studs in a timber frame wall?

Yes, this is best practice to ensure the strength and stability of the grab rail is maintained. However for tiled walls one stud can be enough where a reduced capacity is acceptable, toggle fasteners or large wall plugs can be used at the other end. We recommend getting advice from an occupational therapist and an installer.

Can Avail Grab Rails be attached to a brick or cement wall?

Yes, they can safely be attached in any position on these surfaces using wall plugs.

Are your rails suitable for outdoor use?

Yes our Polished Stainless Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Matt Black are suitable for outdoor use in direct UV light.

What material are Avail products made from?

Avail Grab Rails are made from the high grade stainless steel that is polished, brushed or coated to create the different finishes available. We will soon be releasing our Calibre range in Natural Brass as well.

Avail Seats are made from Aluminium for the 960 seat and highly durable plastic similar to your toilet seat material for the 350 wide seat. We will soon have a timber top seat available as well.

Can you supply products for public bathrooms in aged care, hospitality, schools, gyms that are compliant?

Yes, that’s one of our specialist areas. We work closely with architects, builders, and project managers to provide detailed quotations for AS1428.1 compliant or standard public bathrooms, public place upgrades, accommodation, aged care, sporting facilities and the list goes on. We can assist with compliant bathroom requirements for projects across a multiple of industries and project sizes.

We also partner closely with Reece Australia who also have access to our full range of products to assist with your project needs.

 Can Avail recommend a professional installer?

Yes, we have a list of preferred installers experts in most states of Australia. Please refer to our important links page for further details.

Can I install Avail Grab Rails as part of my NDIS Plan?

Yes, depending on your NDIS or Aged Care plan grab rails are considered a simple home adaption and are generally easy for participants to access, as they’re not considered a complex modification that involves complex structural changes.

We can send through more info on request.

Do Avail Grab Rails come in different finishes?

Absolutely, Avail products are available in a range of colours and styles, featuring the latest and most popular design trends and colourways. Contemporary finishes including brushed brass, matt black, gunmetal styles, brushed gold and more.

You can refer to our finishes section for further details. We can provide advice on matching to other accessories in your bathroom including tap wear.

Do you supply samples of finishes so I can check colour match?

Yes, you can order a sample pack of the different finishes via our web store or email.

 Do Avail Grab Rails need to be professionally installed?

Avail bathroom rails are designed to make installation easy. The modular design ensures that they can be modified during installation to suit your bathroom. Install the rails yourself. Work with your own builder or installer or use one of our team of recommended installation experts.

We provide detailed installation guides to make the rails easy to install yourself and we also provide support via our customer care department.

Do Avail Grab Rails come in different sizes?

Yes, Avail Grab Rails come in variety of sizes, shapes and colours to perfectly match your physical needs and interior design visions. You can select from our ready-made range or order bespoke items customised to your exact specifications.

Straight rails are most used in bathrooms and indoor steps, Horizontal grab rails assist in pushing up or lowering down ie. Getting in and out of the bath, Vertical and angled rails grab rails assist with pulling up from a seated position ie. Get on and off the toilet.

Can you supply specification sheets for Avail Products?

Yes, we have PDF specifications available under each product in the shop and also via the link under ‘Install’ tab on the main menu. Revit and CAD files can be sent through on request.


Bespoke designs are available on request

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