Avail Colours and Finishes

Our products are available in a wide range of the most popular trending finishes.

We stock most of the following finishes however please check lead time before ordering, some finishes may require up to 5  weeks to prepare.

Avail Polished Stainless Chrome Colour

Polished Stainless Chrome

The most popular of our range is the Polished Stainless Chrome. With the beauty of a Chrome finish that will never chip or flake and will last a lifetime. This natural finish avoids all the chemicals involved in the electroplating and PVD processes as the Chrome is added to the material during manufacture. The marine grade stainless steel has been polished to a Chrome finish reflection.

Avail Matt Black Grab Rail Colour

Matt Black

A sleek, dark finish that provides a strong contrast to lighter surfaces and a warmer touch. The ever popular Matt Black matches leading bathroom tap ware finishes. The coating is a commercial grade tough coating made in Australia to ensure quality. The coating also gives a warmer feel than the Stainless Chrome finishes.

Avail Gunmetal Grab Rail Colour

Gun Metal

The shadowy charcoal offers a lighter matte finish and matches well with brands like Brodware

Avail Brushed Nickel Grab Rail Colour

Brushed Nickel

A warm Grey textured appearance offering a subtle matte look. This natural finish gives the identical appearance of Brushed Nickel using a stainless steel material. This uncoated finish will last a lifetime without wearing off and avoids the chemical intensive electroplating and PVD processes.

Avail Brushed Brass Grab Rail Colour

Brushed Brass

Warm up the bathroom with the lux Brushed Brass finish. This popular soft champagne like finish comes in living naturally ageing brass or clear coated. These match brands like Sussex Tapware in the rumbled finish along with other popular brands. The living Brass can be re-brushed or polished to retain the original look or left to age naturally. Uncoated Brass has anti microbial properties that continuously kill bacteria and viruses as it changes colour making it perfect for bathroom settings.

Avail Brushed Gold Grab Rail Colour

Brushed Gold

A deep 24 ct golden colour, the brushed warm Golden tones create a stunning bright appearance. We also have the lighter N18 Gold available on request.

Avail Polished Gold

Polished Gold

A brilliant 24 ct touch to make any room feel like royalty

Avail Mix and Match Finishes

Mix and Match

We can create a range of bespoke options for you. Other finishes including Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Pearl Black and Antique Brass Grab Rails are available on request. We can also mix brackets, whether it is a Black bracket with polished end caps or a completely custom finish to match your tapware. Because our coatings are all created in Australia we can provide a range of options made to your taste with a quick turn around.


Bespoke designs are available on request

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