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Grab rails are a staple in at home accessibility. Installing grab rails, particularly in areas like the bathroom and toilet, give people who may have difficulty using showers, baths and toilets, an independence that they may not otherwise have at home. Quite often moments of showering, being able to have a bath and using the toilet can feel rather personal and intimate, so being able to safely, confidently and independently do these everyday tasks is something many people take for granted. These everyday tasks, and absolutely necessary tasks, can be a point of anxiety for many people, which is why having access to mobility aids like grab rails is so important. Providing confidence and stability, the installation of handrails is a tool that brings back a quality of life that many people may have lost or not have due to disability, age, injury or other reasons. 


A shower grab rail is a handy option for those who find standing under the shower a little unstable and are worried about slips, to get in and out without any issues. As well as being an aid for stability if using a shower seat or just want to have the security of having something there to grab if need be. Soaking in a bath can be very therapeutic for the body, as well as the mind so missing out on a bath does not have to be a side effect of having mobility issues. Installing a bath grab rail can help those who still wish to soak, or may have a shower over their bath, an easier way to get in and out of the bath. A toilet grab rail is also a very handy accessibility option, with sitting up and down often being a strenuous and hard movement for people with mobility issues. A toilet grab rail gives people an independence, helping them be able to confidently use the bathroom themselves.

While a grab rail serves a functionality, installing a grab rail does not have to detract from the overall look of the bathroom. A stylish grab rail, that is also made with quality materials, is a perfect option if you want your railing to match the aesthetic of your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a designer grab rail or a modern grab rail, our range at elegant grab rails at Availcare are the perfect addition to your bathroom. 


Innovating the design of the grab rail in Australia, we are proudly manufacturing our grab rails in Melbourne. So, no matter if you are looking for a matte black grab rail to suit that modern looking bathroom or a brushed brass grab rail to fit into a classic heritage design, at Availcare we have something for you. Melting together accessibility, quality manufacturing and elegant design in our Australian owned and operated company, we are committed to making dignity, independence and accessibility to everyday Australians, without compromising on style. To see how we can help fit out your bathroom, have a look at our range of stylish grab rails and find the perfect addition to your bathroom. 

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