Sustainability and Ethics

Natural Finishes, Lifetime Products

Avail is setting high industry standards when it comes to sustainable manufacturing that minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

Our manufacturing philosophy is simple, clean and lasting.

Where most comparable companies apply chrome coatings through chemical intensive processes, Avail has opted for a green alternative by using high grade stainless steel that is either polished to match Chrome or brushed to match Brushed Nickel finishes, without the need for any chemical coatings. These methods ensure our products last the life of the bathroom without wearing or fading.

Our soon to be released natural brass rails will be available in a range of finishes from polished to naturally aged and will be made from locally sourced brass. The rails will age gracefully over time and can be re polished over their lifetime, the way it used to be.

We aim to lead in green manufacturing and will encourage other industries to do the same.

Low Impact Packaging, Lifetime Products

Avail is at the forefront of beating Australia’s 2025 National Packaging target by removing plastics from our packaging. We are proudly on track to achieve this, with all plastic packaging and tapes used currently recyclable and biodegradable. Avail uses only recycled, uncoated cardboard packaging for all products. This vastly improves the quality of the recycled material.

Our natural finish rails can be completely recycled as they don’t have the contaminants that the coatings add, this ensures a higher quality recycled material allowing all the material to be reused. Our Polished Stainless Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Living Brass are all uncoated ensuring they can be 100% recycled without contaminants.

Working Towards Carbon 0

Avail is working towards achieving carbon 0 impact across our entire supply chain and manufacturing factory located in Seaford, Victoria. Australia.

We always take the environment into consideration within the manufacturing of every product and that is why we are bringing more manufacturing home, with more of our parts being made locally in 2022 and beyond. Our local manufacturing ensures our products travel the least possible distance, further reducing our environmental impact for future generations.

Avail Ethical Code


We strive to create products customers want to have, don’t just have to have.

We’re raising the benchmark for the new Aged Care Quality Standards introduced in 2019 ‘Consumer dignity and choice’.

As outlined in the standard, our main ethos driving Avail is to provide the best products and service to our diversified customer base which includes private homeowners, workplaces, accommodation and compliant public bathrooms.  Our wide range of custom sizes and finishes suit customers unique needs and are produced in the shortest possible time frame.

Our range of choices, customization and customer service make us market leaders for accessible home modifications across Australia.

Our partnerships with value led organisations across NDIS, Aged Care and retail ensures we provide customer focussed end to end service.

Supply Chain

Avail adheres to all ethical guidelines during the manufacturing and production process of all our products.

We’re working to ensure our supply chains comply with the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018.

We are on track to receive accreditation in 2022 with our suppliers supporting the modern slavery act.

We support Australian made where possible, to ensure transparency that our supply chains comply with Australian laws and standards.

Advocates For Inclusion

Being the change you wish to see in the world.

Avail proudly advocates for Inclusion for all people by hiring a diverse workforce, providing employment opportunities for people with disability at our Seaford factory.

We proudly share our customers stories to promote what is possible for accessibility in Australia.

We have partnered with organisations and companies who share our values to drive improvement for our ageing population and people living with disability.

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