Ageless Bathroom Design

Ageless Bathroom Design

Create a functional and beautiful new bathroom that delivers the ‘wow’ factor. Brushed Brass Calibre Rails are styled to suit modern bathroom accessories. These warmer tones will add an edgy yet elegant feel that compliments your home.


The heavy-duty towel rails won’t pull off the wall, and the stylish grab rails in the shower create a safer, practical, and stronger bathroom. Accessible designs that are attractive and modern without compromising on style.


Products featured:

- Calibre shower rail set allows you to hold on, making it easier to keep stable as you shower.


- Calibre footrest is an excellent addition to the corner of a shower or bath, helping you reach your feet and shave your legs with ease.


- Calibre double towel rail is a modern styled rail you can safely hold onto.


- Calibre toilet roll holder and grab rail is a handy strong point to help you stand and sit on the toilet.


With a few simple touches, you can create an accessible sanctuary that is also beautiful.



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