Choosing a Grab Rail

There are many factors that may impact mobility; from injuries, conditions or ageing- no matter the reason your mobility may be hindered. Having grab rails installed in your home can make a world of difference in your home. Particularly the bathroom, due to the wet and slippery surfaces, grab rails are an amazing way to help those who need the extra help to be more independent in their own home. Not only do grab rails make a huge physical difference, they are also a great way to give people a peace of mind that if they need it, that added support is there. That is why when choosing grab rails for your home, you need to ensure you pick the ones that suit. The wrong style, size or weight can lead to some nasty situations, so it is best to do your research. Before considering the grab rails you need make sure you have measured the area. Areas like from the shower to the wall or the area around the toilet. Rails that are too short will be made redundant and of no use, so having the proper measurements will avoid that situation. Also ensure that the diameter of the rail is correct, because you want the person using it to be able to hold onto the rail comfortably. If it is too wide or narrow, it can be detrimental especially since it is being used for support. You also need to ensure that the rail can take the weight of the person using, including if they slip. Rails are not just used to support but to stabilise any falls, so if it is unable to handle the weight of the person using it, it will cause more harm than good. Also, the finer details count- getting a rail that suits the décor of the bathroom may not seem very important, but for the person living in the home having one that suits the décor of the bathroom can help them feel more at home and that is something everybody wants.


Quality Grab Rails

With all of the above in mind, it shows why having quality grab rails are important. The last thing you want is a grab rail that is not going to do the job it needs too. At Avail we understand this, which is why we take such pride in being able to offer our customers quality and designer grab rails that can suit everybody’s needs. Manufactured right here in Australia, we have a hands-on approach to quality control, so we know that every rail that makes it into somebody else’s home is made with highest quality and care. Not only are our grab rails made of high quality materials, but we also make a lot of effort to design grab rails that are not just functional but look great in the home too. By offering modern grab rails, stylish grab rails and grab rails in a range of finishes like matte black and brushed brass, you are sure to find the right shower or toilet grab rail to suit your bathroom décor. We know just because your mobility may have been impaired, it does not mean your sense of style has been lost. Our stylish grab rail designs are just one way that Avail has changed the game in delivering quality grab rails to our customers.


Installation of Grab Rails

Whether you are getting a shower grab rail, or a toilet grab rail installed, we ensure that the installation of our grab rails meets the highest safety standards. Different areas have different specifications such as retirement homes, assisted living facilities, ambulant bathrooms and aged care- which is why when it comes to installing our grab rails, we offer a guide to install to ensure that it meets required specifications. This guide will also help when selecting your grab rails as you will need to ensure the length and style suits exactly the kind of area you are installing it in. Remember that the installation of a grab rail is only as strong as the wall you are installing it to, so it is important that the walls they are being installed into can take the weight of the rail and the weight of somebody leaning/using the grab rail for support. When it comes to installing grab rails, it is necessary that they are installed correctly and to the right specifications as at the end of the day, the safety of the person needing it is the most at stake if it is not installed correctly.

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