Exploring Organic Brass Finish

Exploring Organic Brass Finish

The Avail Organic Brass range are a similar finish to many Australian brands of tapware including Sussex, Faucet Strommen and Brodware. The Organic Brass finishes are all Australian Made.



Organic Brass:

  • The colour is achieved through the natural brass shade.
  • Modified using machines or chemicals for various aged or brushed appearances.
  • No coating is applied for colour; an optional clear coat can be added to halt the aging process and preserve the supplied colour.



  • Uncoated finish, allowing it to evolve in colour over time.
  • Changeable by brushing the product or repolishing with metal polish.



  • Application of an industrial clear coat prevents colour change over time.



  • Darkening of brass colour through chemical application.
  • Natural aging of brass over time leads to a similar appearance.



  • Products undergo brushing with machinery for a textured, brushed look.
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