Now Selling Australia’s Only Grab Rails Made From Raw Brass.

Now Selling Australia’s Only Grab Rails Made From Raw Brass.

One of the main areas we spend most of our time is in the bathroom. Choosing the right finish on grab rails and assisted living accessories is important.


Our design team have been working behind the scenes to create a range of finishes made from the base material instead of coating over the top. Our new Calibre designer brass grab rails will never chip or flake, ensuring they will last a lifetime.


As the brass changes colour (oxidises) it naturally kills bacteria and viruses in just hours, making it perfect for bathroom use. Brass will oxidise over time to create a unique aged look but you have all the control, you can easily clean it back to the original finish (brush it with scotch brite or polish it with brasso) or leave it to age gracefully.


Brass can warm a cool toned bathroom. If you have navy blue or moody greys, brass can warm the interior to create a balanced look. Or, brass can be striking in an all white bathroom with timber accents.


Durable, stylish, and hygienic, our brushed brass grab rails are perfect for all bathrooms. Get in contact with one of our friendly staff today to discuss the fit out of your bathroom on 1300 945 720 or send us an email at


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