Tips To Get The Best From Your Grab Rail

Grab rails can be strategically placed around the home to make sitting, getting up, and balancing easier for anyone with weak limbs or impaired movement. It’s also a great way to keep the elderly steady on their feet around the home.


Grab rails come in plastic or metallic materials and are fitted at doorways, washrooms, toilets, and any area considered prone to tripping or falling.


To choose the right grab rail for your home, first, you must know the types available. There are many grab rails available in the market in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Read on to find out the types of grab rails available before choosing the best one for your space.


Wooden Grab Rail

The best kind of grab rail for your stairways are the wooden types. This is because you can cut and join each piece to fit the length of your stairs. Most wooden rails also come in a cylindrical shape providing a great grip. Finally, you paint your wooden rail to match your floor for more aesthetic value.


Plastic Grab Rail

These are perfect for bathrooms, especially around the shower and bath region. One of the benefits of using a plastic grab rail in your bathroom is you can choose from a variety of colours. For people with vision impairment or dementia, this can be a huge help. The raised surface of the plastic rails also prevents hands from slipping.


Single Straight Metal Grab Rail

These rails come in different lengths from 300mm-900mm and are great for front doors or places with one or two stairs around the home. They often come in white, but you can find other colours to suit your design.


Metal Newel-post Rails

They are positioned at the bottom of the stairs and provide additional support until you can get a grip on the main rail or banister.


Common Grab Rail Locations

Grab rails can be used anywhere that some extra support may be required, but here are some of the common areas.


Grab Rails in the Bathroom

The bath grab rail is essential since the bathroom is prone to getting wet and slippery. Falls that happen in bathrooms are often severe and can lead to death. A plastic grab rail is the safest option for a wet area like the bathroom. The ones with a raised grip prevent hands from falling.


Modern grab rails in the toilet and hand wash area provide additional support, especially when adjusting clothes or if the balance is poor while standing.


Grab Rails in the Stairs

You will appreciate additional support on your stairs. It should run the full length of your stairs.


Grab rails for Front and Back Doors

It’s essential to have rails in your front and back door if stairs are leading to them. When your stairs become wet after the rains, the extra support can prevent a fall.


Where to Fix Grab Rails

Generally, grab rails are fixed on walls. However, if the wall isn’t strong enough, you can safely find it attached to the wall and floor. A solid or brick wall will be a good fit for this. However, a plasterboard wall may not work except for a backing board to provide a more solid base.

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