Why Are Grab Rails Important? 3 Benefits of Installing Them For The Elderly

Grab rails helps you to move around the bathroom without slipping. There are different grab rails you can install in your bathroom like toilet, bath and shower grab rails.


Most importantly grab rails are essential for elderly people because they face health difficulties like knee pain, high blood pressure, and more where it becomes difficult for them to move around the bathroom.


Why Are Grab Rails Important?


Getting in and out of the shower is sometimes difficult because of the wet surface, which is where a bath grab rail will come in handy.


Similarly, If you have weak knees, you may need support to raise yourself from the commode. In this case, a matte black grab rail could be a stylish choice for you. Plus, grab rails also give you the opportunity to lean your belongings on them instead of hanging them on the wall.


If you are a restaurant owner or manager, chances are you like to have a hand in every part of the business to ensure that it is running smoothly. But there is one thing that restaurant or hotel owners neglect and that is the condition of the bathroom.


However, most people don't understand why grab rails are important and how they can benefit you and your customers. So let's take a look at them now!


Increased Mobility

Many homeowners are now installing grab rails in bathrooms because elderly people feel at ease walking with grab rail support in the bathroom. However, grab rails are not only beneficial for bathrooms, they can also be installed both indoors and outdoors.


Having grab rails installed makes it easier to get up from awkward positions and can simply make you feel more confident when moving around your home. You don't have to wait for a person to give you support to go to the bathroom or kitchen, you can carry out these tasks alone with grab rails.


Injury Reduction

Safety is a crucial benefit of having grab rails around your home. They provide protection when you are moving around. Grab rails reduce the risks of injury by supporting difficult tasks like going to the bathroom or taking a shower.


During showers, chances are that you might slip. But having bath grab rails installed, you will surely not face such a situation.


Peace of Mind

Calling someone for help with small tasks or the risks of being injured in your own home can decrease your feelings of freedom. But, grab rails can provide you with the freedom and peace of mind that you don’t have to rely on anyone for your daily activities.


Bottom Line

You can have grab rails installed at any angle, whether in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal position. Make sure that the installation of grab rails is done by a company specialist or other professional tradesman. This is because the grab rail won’t be able to support you well if it isn’t installed correctly.


Need a grab rail installed? Here at Avail, we excel in providing and installing high-quality grab rails for day-to-day use. So if you need some extra support around your home, contact us and have your grab rails installed promptly.

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