How To Install Avail Grab Rails To Comply With Australian Standard AS1428.1

How To Install Avail Grab Rails To Comply With Australian Standard AS1428.1

Learn how to install Avail grab rails, shower seats and backrests to comply with the Australian Standard AS1428.1 for public buildings. Public buildings have specific requirements for length, angle and position of grab rails and shower seats in AS1428.1 bathrooms, our product guide is available via the Install/AS1428.1 page and shows all the required dimensions to ensure your public bathroom fully complies.


We have NATA accredited test reports showing all required approvals, these are available to download from our website via this page: CLICK HERE: Avail AS1428.1 Compliant Accessible Public Bathroom Dimensions'


When installed correctly grab rails must be able to handle at least 110kg of weight in each direction. This can only be achieved by installing the grab rail into a wall supported by timber or steel studs, brick, or tiles. The Calibre grab rails can be cut to size to ensure both brackets can be installed into studs. Studs are usually spaced at 300 to 600mm so to ensure your grab rail spans both studs you can purchase the longer rail and cut it down if necessary. We recommend adding timber noggins in the wall during the build to make sure each bracket can be fully supported.


For wheelchair accessible AS1428.1 bathrooms the following products from our range are required:

-A Tbar grab rail for the shower is needed with an adjustable sliding hand shower set, this can be coupled with an overhead rain shower as well. The horizontal rail can be offset to either side of the vertical rail during installation to allow space for the seat on the side wall:


-The Liberty 960mm shower fold up shower seat installs on the side wall beside the Tbar rail, the wider 960mm rail is required:


-The 90 or 45-degree rail beside the toilet and the back 300 rail come in a set together for wheelchair accessible DDA bathrooms, or for in-wall cisterns, the wrap around rail option can be used:


-2 Robe hooks are required outside the shower area:


-You will also need a basin mixer with an extended lever handle and a toilet pan that extends out further from the wall, we can recommend suppliers for these.


Ambulant toilet cubicles in public bathrooms require 90 or 45-degree grab rails on both walls:



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