A Guide To Choosing The Right Grab Rail

As they say, home is where the heart is. Having a home that’s inviting, warm and comforting isn’t enough. You also need a home that’s safe for every member of your family.


Reports suggest many people pick the bathroom as their favourite part of the home. Sometimes, it can also serve as a special hideout away from the chaos.


Are you considering remodelling your bathroom? A grab rail should be on your list. You can install it in your bathrooms to aid better movement and safety.


Here’s a guide to choosing the right one for your modern bathroom.


A Grab Rail Provides Support and Safety


No one can predict a fall, so it’s better safe than sorry. A grab rail provides extra support as bathroom falls can happen due to wet floors or unsteady balance.


Getting in and out of the shower can be a tricky chore, especially as we age. You can put them anywhere in your bathroom at a standing or waist level.


Things to consider when choosing a grab rail for your bathroom


If you have someone living with you who requires extra support, grab rails can be beneficial to them.


You can buy them in different shapes and sizes. But, the most common types are vertical, horizontal, and angled grab rails.


Since they can be used within the bathtub, shower, and toilet areas, any one of your choices can serve as a perfect fit.


Length of the Grab Rail

They also come in various lengths, you’ll need to factor this into consideration. Measure the wall to determine the appropriate length required for your grab rail. Our Calibre grab rails can be also cut down to suit your bathroom during installation.


A Variety of Colours

Strong contrast colours are excellent for people with impaired vision or dementia. It helps in locating the rail without any struggle.


Weight Capacity

Safety rails are made of different materials, including aluminium, plastic, and stainless steel. The production material determines the weight capacity of the grab rail. It’s possible to find safety rails with up to 250 kg capacity. Our rails are all made from high grade stainless steel to ensure maximum strength and durability.


The Diameter of a Grab Rail

The best way to determine the suitable diameter of the safety rail is to hold on to it. The ideal one is neither too narrow nor wide and allows the user a secure grip.



Grab rails are versatile and an effective way to stay safe in your bathroom. Vertical rails are easy to grip and they are also easy to use for people with arthritis.


While horizontal rails are sturdy and they allow you to rotate your body and get in and out of a wheelchair.


A fall in your bathroom may lead to severe or permanent injury due to the slippery surfaces. The best way to prevent injury is to be proactive and install grab rails early.

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