Calibre Shower Installation

Perhaps you recently purchased and installed an Avail grab rail and also purchased or you’re looking to purchase an Avail shower rail to complement the purchase so the furnishings in your toilet can tie in together more closely. At Avail we like to see our products installed with precision to ensure the maximum result is received to the end user so their life becomes easier. Aside from the visual aesthetic the team are proud of with our Calibre Shower grab rail, we are the most passionate about the functionally the improved mobility and quality of life it provides to the end user by allowing the user enjoy a new found level of independence that some of the individuals who have had our product install thought would have never existed. It is also not uncommon for us to hear that some individuals may not wish to install a grab rail as there is a misconception that they look bulky and could ruin the image of their beautiful high end bathroom. Thankfully with the suite of Avail grab rails this couldn’t be further from the truth as individuals become delighted with the sleek design which also provides great function. If you’re still not sold, speak to one of the friendly team members at Avail on how the use of our shower grab rails can add a level of elevation to your shower. We also have a portfolio of images where our shower grab rail has been installed that can be viewed so you can also get an idea on how great our product will look installed in your home.


Grab Rails and Shower Seats

If you have an existing grab rail or shower seat installed in your home that is not from the Avail range or perhaps you’re looking to have one installed and all you can picture are wide bulky grab rails and plan looking shower seats then you’re likely to be in for a treat and a breath of fresh air with the range of Avail grab rails and shower seats. Unlike your conventional grab rail that you might be visualising, the Avail range offers a sleek design and are offered in various finishes including matte black which is a favourite type of finish in today’s modern finishings in homes. With a sleek profile that not only looks great but is also functional to the end user by providing that extra level of mobility when needed, the grab rails from Avail are fantastic when you’re needing the functionality of a handrail while still maintaining the design and class of your home. Further to our grab rails are our shower seats which are equally as aesthetically designed as our grab rails. With the full ability to flip away the shower seat when not in use, we continue to provide a product that could be seen as an eye sore to some and have created a shower seat with some added thought and luxury to the design.


Why Customers Choose Avail

As a local manufacturer to Australia and a business that is one hundred percent Australian owned, customers who choose to purchase products from Avail enjoy all the benefits of knowing each product we supply has been locally designed and manufactured in their own backyard. Moreover, as an Australian owned company, the profits of the business stay in the country and allow for more jobs locally. Aside from all the comfort of purchasing products from a true blue Australian company, our customers receive access to premium quality grab rails, shower rails and shower seats that have been carefully designed and crafted with fantastic visual designs that tie in with the décor and fit out of a modern Australian home. Customers who choose Avail products enjoy knowing that Avail offers products in various colours and finishes which means you’re able to find a grab rail that will match your existing preferences, whether it’s a classic polished silver or a matte black finish, your preferences will be satisfied. By choosing products manufactured by Avail you’re receiving a high end product that is built to last in your home which means you can enjoy the great quality and design aesthetic for years to come.

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