Choosing a Grab Rail

It may be for you or for a family member but for some people there may come a time in their lives where their mobility is not as good as it used to be. In other instances where you have had mobility issues for a long time or your whole life, you may be moving home or just realised that you want to make your life easier. Making the decision to install a grab rail, particularly in a place like a bathroom, is one way to add extra independence and safety into your life. When choosing a grab rail to install, there are certain requirements to consider. Depending on the look of your bathroom, there are various materials you can get your grab rail from. What is important to consider is the length you need, so it is always wise to measure up the space before purchasing. It is also important to consider the diameter of the rail as you want the user to be able to hold onto it safely. Their hand should be able to fit around it comfortably. Too big and it may be too hard to grab onto, especially if it is to stop them from slipping and if it is too small it may not be stable enough for the user to hold onto for support. When choosing the materials too, consider the weight capacity of the grab rail. You do not want a bar that is going to bend or break under the pressure, so ensure that you are taking into account the user’s weight. Not the most important detail for safety, but definitely something you may want to take into account- there are a range of grab rails out there to suit your bathroom so look for the styles, finishes and materials that can complement your space to nicely incorporate your grab rail into the overall design.


Types of Grab Rails

Depending on what your requirements are, there are a few different types of grab rails available to suit your needs. One of the most common is the straight rail. Just as the name suggests, it is a straight rail that is either pre-cut or depending on who you purchase from may be able to manufacture it to the length needed. Installed either horizontal or vertical, these rails are used mainly for lowering, say sitting onto a toilet or a shower seat. They may also be installed to help with somebody to pull themselves up or to help with balance. Angled grab rails or right-angled rails are pre-formed and used mainly to support the forearm. It is great for somebody with hand or wrist issues and can take quite a bit of weight on them. Other grab rails are offset rails, that are used for people to support them as the step up or step into an area, floor to ceiling rails, as the name suggests they are installed floor to ceiling and used to help with sitting or standing, system rails, that are attached the walls and often together to go around larger areas like a bathing area, and drop down rails. Drop down rails are normally placed beside a toilet and they can be dropped down to provide added support while somebody sits.


Our Grab Rails

If you are looking for a range of grab rails that are not only functional and satisfy all your safety and mobility needs, but also have the perfect range of aesthetics to match your bathroom, then you need to check out Avail. We believe that everybody should have access to the mobility needed to live their life as fully and independently as possible, and that you should not have to sacrifice the little things like beautiful home décor to do so. Manufactured right here in Australia, we have a wonderful range to suit everybody’s tastes. From heritage and classic designs, to the modern and sleek range. Straight rails to the angled rails, whatever the look you want, whatever the rail you need- at Avail we can find the perfect grab rail for your bathroom. With our grab rails coming a range of different finishes as well as styles, you can decorate your bathroom how you want it while giving yourself the added independence, stability and security that comes with having the right grab rails installed for your needs.

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