Four Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Grab Rail

Grab rails are an incredibly beneficial accessory when you want extra support in your bathrooms and restrooms. People with mobility difficulties can take advantage of them to make their bathrooms and other home areas safe. However, there are certain things that you must take into account before buying a grab rail.


Check out the 4 critical things to be aware of before buying a grab rail.


Size & Clearance:

Have you ever tried shopping for a grab rail in Australia? Then you must have noticed that there are various sizes available in the market. The clearance and diameters vary with price, and if you are looking for a stylish grab rail, choosing one becomes trickier.


As a rule of thumbyou generally can’t go wrong with a grab rail that has a diameter ranging between 30 to 40mm. However, the best thing is to just try holding it yourself and see what’s comfortable.


Another important factor that you must consider is the clearance of the grab rail. To reduce the chances of injuries, the clearance should not exceed 40mm. Professionals recommend this because if the clearance is more than that, you can slide your arm between the wall and rail. This can sometimes result in critical arm injuries.


Weight Rating:

The ultimate goal of grab rails is to provide comfort to the users and ensure their safety. Even if you choose a designer grab rail, always check the support it offers and how strong it is. Choose the ones tested independently and fulfil the requirement of Australian standards.


According to the standard, a grab rail must support up to a load of 110kg. If your weight profile is on the higher side, you can ask for one with a higher weight rating to ensure that it can comfortably support you. If you are buying a toilet grab rail especially, make sure it’s compliant with AS1428.1 and has a sufficient weight rating.


Rust Resistance:

Every modern grab rail looks stylish and appealing to the eyes, but there is something you cannot ignore. Will this appearance last or not? Many bath grab rail products available these days are made of stainless steel. Some are also coated for a more chic appearance.


One thing you should always check when buying a shower grab rail is whether it is rust-resistant. If you plan to buy a coloured rail, you should always ask the grab rail manufacturer if it’s going to rust when the coating wears off.


Style and Appearance:

Long gone are the days when grab rails were available in boring, monotonous designs. Modern grab rail designers are now moving towards a smart approach. They create designs that are visually appealing and match the aesthetics of your bathrooms.


Whether you are looking for a brushed brass grab rail or a classic matte black grab rail, or even an antique gold one that will complement your bathroom look, grab rails are available in various finishes and styles. Many also come with concealed screw settings to make the rail more appealing.


Summing Up:

Are you looking for a durable grab rail for your home or business location? Let us introduce you to a comprehensive range of Australian-made grab rails by Avail. Based in Gippsland, regional Victoria, the Avail design team ensures that both function and form meet Australian standards and styles.


Avail support rails incorporate the highest quality stainless steel and exceed Australian regulations. Our rails can bear more than 150kg with proper installation. And they are tested and approved to AS1428.1 standards. To explore our complete range of products, don’t forget to check out our catalogue now.

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