Quality Designer Grab Rails

Quality Designer Grab Rails

Grab rails are a fantastic aid to keep people safe in the bathroom, particular for those with any physical impairments. Often though, when people think about grab rails, the sterile hospital style rails come to mind and while they may be necessary, it does not mean that you cannot find a grab rail that suits the aesthetic of your bathroom. At Avail, we want to bring elegant solutions to the challenges that you may be facing at home. Our designer grab rails do not just look great, they also can offer you the strength and support you need. Our Calibre range has a trendy aesthetic and is made to suit those more modern bathroom accessories. They are able to be modified to fit your needs and are available in a range of stylish finishes.  While our Calibre range has a modern style, our Glance range is made to suit more traditional, provincial and heritage style bathrooms, with railings coming in gold and chrome. Like our Calibre range though, we are able to offer a range of sizes to suit you, so once you pick the designs that you like, at Avail, we can work with you to find the best arrangement and sizes for you and your bathroom.


Choosing the Right Grab Rail

Whether you are injured, ageing or have mobility issues, grab rails can be an absolute lifesaver and make moving around the home just that much easier, particularly in the bathroom. Due to the wet area and the often slippery surfaces of the bathroom, having grab rails available is not just helpful physically, but it can also give you peace of mind knowing that support is available if you need it. Therefore, when it comes to choosing grab rails for your home, it is important that you choose the right ones otherwise it can lead to some nasty situations that nobody wants to experience. When deciding on what grab rails to install, there are a few areas that you must consider, length being an important one. Before purchase, always make sure you measure the area, whether it is from the shower to the wall or around the toilet, the last thing you want is to get a rail that is too short and cannot do the job. Diameter of the rail is also important, as you want to be able to grab the rail comfortably, so ensure that it is not to wide or too narrow. Weight capacity is one of the most important factors, as you want to know that it will be able to take your weight, especially if you need it to stabilise a fall. If it cannot handle your weight and ends up coming out of the wall, then it can lead to some dire consequences. Lastly, while it may not seem as important, finish and style are still something to consider. When you install your grab rail or rails, having it match the aesthetic of your bathroom gives it that extra touch.


Why Choose Avail?

Our role at Avail is to provide stylish solutions for accessible bathrooms, aiming to bring an element of elegance and sophistication, making grab rails and other types of accessibility aids as part of the décor as possible. Beyond having an incredible range of products, at Avail we are a hundred percent Australian owned and operated business. We also manufacture all our products locally, in East Gippsland in Melbourne, so you know that every rail from Avail has had been made at the highest quality, ensuring not just stylish looking grab rails, but ones that have your safety or the safety of your loved one at the forefront of our minds. We believe in standing up against ageism and ableism, endeavouring to bring accessible living conditions for all Australians who need it and we are passionate about bringing dignity and respect to everybody, regardless of ability or age. All of our designs are manufactured and designed with care, so you know that anybody that receives and installs a grab rail from Avail is in safe hands. Always trying to improve and innovate, in terms of function and style, Avail is dedicated to ensuring that every customer of ours, past, present and future, is equipped with the tools they need to live happily, dignified and safely.

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